We understand the difficulties often encountered in prioritizing building maintenance works within annual budget limitations, and have personal experience as directors of residents property management companies. Our Planned Maintenance Reports provide a framework for implementing regular maintenance in a methodical manner, allowing management companies to plan ahead for any significant or costly repairs in the future.

After maintenance costs, building insurance is often one of the largest recurring outgoings for residents management companies, and providing the correct declared value to brokers is key to ensuring adequate cover and best value. Failure to update these values regularly can lead to significant divergence from market values and an insufficient audit trail in the event of a claim. Our Reinstatement Cost Assessment Service (link to page) provides a bespoke assessment of your property, accounting for each element of construction and other factors such as listed status and adjoining property.

We work together with your resident management board to ensure our reports are relevant and aligned with the service charge arrangements and needs of the owners and occupants.

We firmly believe the planned maintenance report is best utilized as a live document, integrated with annual budget planning and updated as the property condition changes over time. We are pleased to offer periodic updating of your maintenance schedule for a small fee, and can also integrate this with our contract administration service (link) for any significant future works.

Planned Maintenance Schedules

Our ten year planned maintenance schedules provide detailed direction on the recommended timing and likely cost of works required to safeguard the condition and utility of your building. We have experience working with a variety of sizes and ages of residential property from modern blocks of flats to converted Georgian houses, where we pay particular care and attention in regard to listed status.

Visual snapshot

Forewarned is forearmed – our maintenance schedules set out the work required for each element clearly and concisely and include a summary of the total anticipated expenditure each year, with colour coded charts to illustrate peaks and troughs over the reporting period. Urgent works are clearly indicated, and we will also highlight issues that need to be monitored so that action can be taken at the appropriate time.


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