RICS Level 1, 2 & 3 Reports

All of the home survey reports we offer clearly explain the condition of the property to ensure you are well informed prior to purchase.  We have a wealth of experience in providing RICS Level 1, Level 2 (formerly Home Buyers) and Level 3 reports to support the purchase of your new home, no matter what the size or value.  This includes working with new build homes, converted properties and listed buildings, where we pay particular care and attention to the unique requirements and significance of heritage assets.

The RICS guidance ‘Helping you choose the right survey’ can be found here, and we would be pleased to discuss your requirements in further detail to ensure selection of the right report level for you.

Helping your purchase progress

We always strive to deliver a report that is clear and easy to understand, and provides thorough and balanced judgement on the significance of findings.  We aim to facilitate progress to completion whilst ensuring any significant risks are duly flagged and addressed to protect your interests.

We understand that information flow is key to resolving any potential issues that could delay the transaction.  We always ensure timely delivery of your report, and prompt response to further information obtained to minimize any delays to your purchase.  Our reports highlight the key issues and outstanding information required for discussion with the seller.

Optional cost advice

Whilst the RICS standard reports are not offered with cost advice, we offer optional cost tables with our Level 3 Report and Intermediate Building Survey.  Using our broad industry experience benchmarked against recognized industry data, we provide you with guidance on the likely short-term costs to be incurred and anticipated long-term repairs.  Our priority ranked cost summary highlights the most important issues and works required, and informs on the key items to include in your future maintenance plans.

Intermediate Building Survey

In addition to the suite of RICS Home Survey products, we also offer an Intermediate Building Survey which bridges the gap between RICS Level 2 and Level 3.  This covers detailed inspection and focused reporting to Level 3 depth on of the key issues that may affect your purchase, in a more concise format that offers optimal value.  This is particularly suitable for older property in poor condition or with known defects, and for clients who wish to minimize the expense and length of report whilst still receiving the depth of analysis and targeted building pathology expected of a full survey.  The report is also offered with our optional schedule of repair costs, and this combination is a popular choice for those seeking to purchase via auction.

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