It is essential for landlords to ensure all tenant alterations are executed under a robust licence for alterations. Well prepared licences ensure that satisfactory reinstatement provisions and conditions for execution are included and that the scope of the alterations are clearly defined, to reduce the risk of expensive disputes or damage to the property.

Ensuring compliance

Standard licence drafting usually includes a requirement for the tenant to pay the landlord’s surveyor fees in monitoring the tenant alterations. On that basis, we would scrutinise the works, both on plan and on site, utilising our project experience to ensure any concerns and working practice shortfalls are raised and dealt with at the earliest opportunity. Where the works involve extensive alterations to the services, we work closely with our trusted M&E partners to deliver the appropriate expertise.

Reducing long-term risk

Our wider experience in dilapidations and projects has shown that significant risks can arise when licences are poorly drafted or absent. Through our tenant alterations service we provide clarity to both parties, reducing risk and ensuring obligations are clearly defined for execution of the works and future reinstatement.

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